Consent forms

2.5_Fluoride varnishing being applied

The supervised toothbrushing programme

This is a daily toothbrushing activity in nurseries and schools for the whole class to enjoy together. Each child is given their own toothbrush, which is replaced regularly. It’s a routine part of their day which helps to establish an important behaviour and skill to complement what you do at home.

If your child's nursery offers fluoride varnishing

In some nurseries and schools, children are also offered further protection for their teeth in the form of fluoride varnishing, twice a year.

In this case, you will be asked to fill in a short consent form.

This asks for some important medical details. You will be contacted by Childsmile before each visit and given the opportunity to inform us of any changes to your child's medical history and personal details. It is important that you complete and return this form if there are any changes to these details.