Childsmile Core

The Childsmile Core Programme is available throughout Scotland. Every child is provided with a Dental Pack containing a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste containing at least 1000 parts per million (ppm) fluoride on at least six occasions by the age of 5.

2.7.1_Children brushing at school

Children also receive a free-flow feeder cup by one year of age.

These are distributed in different ways in each Health Board area.

In addition, every 3 and 4 year old child attending nursery (whether it is a local authority, voluntary or private nursery) is offered free, daily, supervised toothbrushing.

Supervised toothbrushing closely follows national toothbrushing standards and the products are provided by a national contract to ensure consistency across Scotland.

Since the publication of the Dental Action Plan (external link), the toothbrushing component of the programme has been made available to at least 20 per cent of P1 and P2 classes of schools situated in areas with the highest level of need of NHS Boards across the country.

The Childsmile Core Programme promotes an holistic approach to healthy living, teaching children an important life skill. It benefits nurseries and schools by contributing towards the Schools Health Promotion and Nutrition Scotland Act 2007 (external link) which places health promotion at the heart of school activities. It is also linked to the health and wellbeing (external link) element of Curriculum for Excellence.

Children in nurseries and schools should be offered healthy snacks and drinks.