The vision

Childsmile combines targeted and universal approaches to tackling children’s oral health improvement through the four programme components (Core, Practice, Nursery and School).

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This combination will provide a comprehensive pathway of care that is tailored to the needs of individual children.

It is envisaged that every child in Scotland will have access to Childsmile.

At a population level, every child will have access to:

  • A tailored programme of care within Primary Care Dental Services.
  • Free daily supervised toothbrushing in nursery.
  • Free dental packs to support toothbrushing at home.

Directed support targeting children and families in greatest need through:

  • Additional home support and community interventions.
  • An enhanced programme of care within Primary Care Dental Services.
  • Clinical preventive programmes in priority nursery and primary schools and facilitation into dental services as appropriate.
  • Daily supervised toothbrushing in P1 and P2 priority primary schools.