Who delivers Childsmile?

Childsmile is delivered by a range of health professionals. These include:

Dental Health Support Workers (DHSWs) are employed by NHS Boards and are responsible for liaising with families, health visiting teams, nurseries, schools and dental practices.

Extended Duty Dental Nurses (EDDNs) may be employed by NHS Boards or independent contractor (family dentists) and provide preventive advice and regular fluoride varnish applications.

Dental Practice Staff (dentists, dental nurses, dental hygienists, dental therapists, reception staff) who may be employed by NHS or with independent contractor practices.

Health Visitors liaise with DHSWs and identify children and families who would most benefit from targeted direct Childsmile support.

Childsmile is managed through a network of NHS Board Coordinators and two Regional Programme Managers who in turn report to the two Programme Directors.

The programme is commissioned by the Chief Dental Officer.

There are a range of partners in education, voluntary and community sectors who work collaboratively with Childsmile to promote and improve children’s oral health.