Statement 1(a)

There is an area-wide toothbrushing programme in place which meets national recommendations and has clear reporting and accountability arrangements.


Nursery-based and school-based toothbrushing programmes are a key priority in the Scottish Dental Action Plan (external link). Effective programmes will involve health and local authority partnerships and are seen as an integral part of health promoting activity in nursery and school settings.


  • All nurseries participate in the toothbrushing programme. The proportion of primary schools participating is determined locally but is at least 20% of all primary schools in each local authority area.
  • The programme is available for all children, regardless of whether they attend nursery full-time or part-time.
  • Children brush their teeth daily in the toothbrushing programme.
  • All establishments have a designated lead person who is responsible for the toothbrushing programme.
  • Dental support and guidance is available to all establishments.
  • All toothbrushing supervisors have received training in effective toothbrushing and infection control procedures.
  • Staff training is recorded and monitored.
  • Performance against the Standards is monitored in each establishment twice per school year by a member of the Childsmile team with a checklist. More frequent visits should be undertaken when appropriate.
  • Appropriate arrangements for consent are in place and records maintained.
  • Full Toothbrushing Standards are available for all establishments. An abbreviated version of the Toothbrushing Standards is displayed in all establishments for reference.