About Childsmile Nursery and Childsmile School

The Childsmile Nursery and Childsmile School programmes deliver fluoride varnishing for children aged three and upwards who are identified as living in the most deprived areas.

3.5_A fluoride varnish application

Who gets Childsmile Nursery and School?

Childsmile Nursery and Childsmile School work with 20 per cent of children from each Health Board. Educational establishments are targeted in order of those with the highest proportion of children living in the most deprived local quintile as defined by the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD).

Within this target group additional preventive care is provided in the form of twice-yearly fluoride varnish applications by Childsmile dental teams in nurseries and schools.

What does Childsmile deliver in nurseries and schools?

The teams are composed of Extended Duty Dental Nurses (EDDNs) trained in the application of fluoride varnish and Dental Health Support Workers (DHSWs).

They will provide twice yearly fluoride varnish applications for children in nurseries and schools.

They promote good oral health behaviour and provide health education. DHSWs are attached to particular nurseries and schools and provide the main dental contact point for teachers, parents and school nurses.

The dental team actively promotes Childsmile to ensure that as many children as possible who would benefit from being in the programme are given the opportunity to join.

Children should join in the Childsmile Nursery component of the programme when they start nursery and remain in the programme, receiving six-monthly fluoride varnish applications for the duration of their time at nursery and school until at least Primary Four (P4).

Making the link with dental services

A great deal of emphasis is placed on children registering to attend primary care dental services. Children identified through Childsmile Nursery and Childsmile School as not having a dentist will be encouraged and assisted to find one.

As children progress through primary school there are opportunities for them to receive fissure sealant applications, through their dental practice.

At all stages in the programme, children who require further assessment and possible dental care are identified and their parents receive a letter informing them of their child’s dental need.