Reporting adverse reactions protocol

If there are any adverse reactions to the fluoride varnish (e.g. mucositis, allergy etc.) remove product by toothbrushing and rinsing and follow local protocol. Complete and submit a British National Formulary (BNF) yellow card, PDF [200kB] (external website) as per local procedure. This is the system used for any adverse reaction to any medicine in the British National Formulary (BNF).

The adverse reaction may be noticed immediately by the dental team or later by the parents.

The parents may then ring the dental practice, the nursery or school, depending upon where the fluoride varnish was applied. In either case, it is unlikely that the dentist will be informed in the first instance but the Extended Duty Dental Nurse (EDDN) nurse in Childsmile Practice or the Dental Health Support Worker (DHSW) in nursery or school are more likely to be informed.

It is good practice for the EDDN or the DHSW to inform the dentist who prescribed the fluoride varnish. This information should be updated on the child's notes accordingly.