Practice documents

These are the essential documents relating to Childsmile Practice. They will be discussed and explained by your local Childsmile Coordinator. You may also find the frequently asked questions for dental practices useful.

Childsmile dental remuneration booklet
This booklet provides information about delivering preventive dental services to children following the changes to the Statement of Dental Remuneration (SDR) on 1 October 2011.

GP17 guidance
GP17 guidance has been developed by Practitioner Services Division (PSD) to ensure that the GP17 forms can be processed appropriately for Childsmile monitoring and payment purposes.
**The GP17 form has been updated June 2013, however, as there are no new codes the process is exactly the same. The codes that are used for claiming this are all non-tooth specific therefore would only be claimable using the right hand side of the form.**

Duraphat safety issues
A short paper which summarises the available published literature on adverse effects to fluoride varnishes.

Paediatric medical history form
A medical history must be filled in for every child having fluoride varnish application. Practices can use their own forms or the Childsmile Paediatric Medical History Form.

Other resources

What is Childsmile?
An overview briefing sheet to hand out to professionals new to the programme.

My nursery and Childsmile
A briefing sheet for nursery staff.

My school and Childsmile
A briefing sheet for teachers and teaching support staff about Childsmile.

My dental practice and Childsmile
A briefing sheet for dental practice staff about Childsmile.

Food diary
A resource to help the dental team provide parents with dietary advice on looking after their child's teeth. This is being further developed by Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme (SDCEP) and Childsmile.

Toothbrushing chart
A diary for the child and parent or carer to record each time the child’s teeth are brushed, as a reminder about brushing frequency and as a tool to focus discussion with professionals. This is being further developed by the SDCEP and Childsmile.

First Teeth, Healthy Teeth - a guide for professionals, parents and carers

A practical guide aimed at health visitors and other professionals. It provides information about oral health to parents and carers of babies and children up to the age of five years. To obtain hard copies, email:

How to protect your children's teeth DVD

A free 10 minute DVD available to all parents in Scotland to help them protect their children from tooth decay. To request copies, email: