Nursery and school resources

This page provides all the essential resources relating to Childsmile Nursery or Childsmile School. If you require assistance, contact your Childsmile Coordinator.

Toothbrushing Standards

The professional standards of care which apply to the Toothbrushing programme. To obtain a hard copy please contact Or download an abbreviated toothbrushing standards document.

Infection Control – Gloves and Handwashing leaflet

Provides guidance on the use of gloves and hand hygiene when implementing toothbrushing in nurseries and schools.

Infection Control – Pandemic Flu leaflet

Provides guidance on pandemic flu when implementing toothbrushing in nurseries and schools.

Data sharing request letter, between education establishments and Childsmile

Class lists from nurseries and schools are required from education departments in order to populate the Childsmile administration database. This letter will help you obtain this information.