Childsmile work closely with a number of partners which support the Childsmile programme. You may be interested in the partners' contact details page.

NHS partners

The Dental Informatics Group is the key stakeholder group for the special health board – NHS National Services Scotland. It steers the work around information and eHealth to support dental services and improving oral health in the NHS in Scotland. Supporting the development of Childsmile is a key priority on the agenda.

A number of Divisions of NHS National Services Scotland are involved in supporting Childsmile:

Information Services Division (ISD)
ISD, Dental Informatics Programme supports the monitoring and evaluation of the Childsmile programme including monitoring of the HEAT target and record-linkage projects.

Read more on the ISD newsletter, February 2009 and ISD newsletter, November 2009.

Practitioner Services Division (PSD)
PSD is involved in supporting the payment system for practitioners as part of Childsmile Practice.

National Information Systems Group (NISG)
NISG is leading on a national review of Public Dental Services IT and M systems – including evaluating the requirements for Childsmile going forward.

National Procurement (NP)
NP, on behalf of NHS Boards, is involved in procuring the toothpaste/toothbrush packs as part of Childsmile Core.

NHS Health Scotland
NHS Health Scotland supports the roll out and implementation of Childsmile. Functions of its work includes supporting programme marketing, resource development, sharing knowledge of evidence and good practice, as well as commissioned research and evaluation.

NHS Education Scotland (NES)
NES provides national Childsmile training for EDDNs and DHSWs and a programme of Continuous Professional Development courses for the Childsmile staff workforce.

Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme (SCDEP)
SDCEP is an initiative of the National Dental Advisory Committee (NDAC) in partnership with NHS Education for Scotland (NES).

The Health Informatics Centre (HIC)
The HIC is a research support unit in the Medical School at the University of Dundee.

HIC, in collaboration with The Dental Health Services and Research Unit (DHS&RU), provides continuing development and support of the electronic data collection system underpinning the clinical Childsmile service.
This links:

  • dental field teams using laptops with bespoke software and visit data
  • NHS coordinators and managers via an NHS-based website for clinical appointments and reports
  • a secure central database, linked via NHS-Net
  • to other NHS datasets, via the Information Services Division (ISD), for program evaluation and research projects.

HIC will liaise with local IT departments to ensure the IT components of the programme are working appropriately and resolve any issues.

HIC provide a training session, covering the use of the Childsmile software and website, for new Health Boards joining the Childsmile programme. Health Boards Coordinators and Senior Staff members are expected to provide the ongoing training of Childsmile staff members.

The Childsmile administration website (external website) help section contains all the relevant user guides and documentation used within the project.

The Pathways for change document illustrates the ways for Childsmile staff to communicate with HIC about various software and website issues.

Quality Control (QC) reports are available to help ensure the highest quality of data is recorded. These reports are available within the Childsmile administration website and should be viewed frequently and any issues resolved.