Structure and organisation

Childsmile’s Central Evaluation and Research Team (CERT) is based at the Community Oral Health Section of the University of Glasgow Dental School (external website).

CERT is headed by:

  • Professor Lorna Macpherson, Director of Evaluation.
  • Dr David Conway provides support for the strategic direction of the evaluation, leads on data linkage and acts as liaison with the Information Service Division (ISD) of NHS National Services Scotland (NSS).
  • Dr Wendy Gnich, Manager. The CERT manager is responsible for the strategic and professional direction for the central and regional teams.

The team are supported by three Childsmile Regional Research teams. The evaluation is governed by a national Childsmile Evaluation Board with representation from three collaborating academic institutions: the Universities of Glasgow, Dundee and St Andrews.

The structure of the evaluation, and how it sits alongside the organisational structure of the Childsmile programme, is indicated in the evaluation and research structure:


The monitoring data for all four components of the Childsmile programme are collated electronically through the Health Informatics Centre (HIC) (external website) and the Dental Health Services Research Unit (DHSRU) in partnership with CERT. The Dental Informatics Programme, based in ISD, working with colleagues in the Practitioner Services Division (PSD) NSS, process GP17 forms, which, in addition to assisting payment for practitioners, provides data for the monitoring and evaluation of Childsmile Practice. ISD also coordinate data received from NHS Boards, which benchmarks progress with the Childsmile Core programme.

Since the introduction of a revised Statement of Dental Remuneration (SDR), which came into effect at the beginning of October 2011, PSD has assumed responsibility for processing all payments to General Dental Practitioners (GDPs). CERT liaises with PSD to help facilitate payments for earlier claims.

Regular monitoring reports produced by the CERT and Childsmile Regional Research teams provide timely information on the implementation of the Childsmile programme.

External collaborations

CERT collaborates with externally based individuals and academic groups bringing together multi-disciplinary expertise to support research and investigation into pertinent aspects of the Childsmile programme.

Collaborating institutions have included:

  • Stirling University
  • University of Dundee
  • University of St Andrews
  • University College London
  • the National Institute for Dental Craniofacial Research, Maryland, USA.

CERT welcome approaches from individuals and groups who would like to discuss opportunities for collaboration in-keeping with Childsmile’s evaluation strategy. Please see our Evaluation of Childsmile: Guidance for Collaborators document, or email for more information.