Childsmile manual

The Childsmile Programme Manual provides information to support frontline staff in implementation and delivery of the Childsmile programme.

Briefing sheets

Find out about the Childsmile programme with the Childsmile briefing sheets:

National toothbrushing standards

See details of the required National Standards for Nursery and School Toothbrushing Programmes.

Deliver training to toothbrushing establishment staff using our presentation which links the Toothbrushing Standards with Curriculum For Excellence and Care Inspectorate requirements.

Food and drink diary

Help children keep track of what they eat and drink with the Childsmile food and drink diary.

Toothbrushing diary

Help children keep track of toothbrushing with the toothbrushing diary.

Introducing Toothbrushing - a guide for Childminders

A guide for childminders to help them start up and supervise toothbrushing sessions for children in their care.

Pick n mix presentations

Add slides to your presentations with our selection of pick n mix presentation slides.