Orders and supplies

Coordinators, or delegated staff members, should place orders through the NHS Health Scotland Optimise Portal, Please email nhs.healthscotland-publications@nhs.net should you have any queries.

Equipment such as uniforms and stationery are not included as these should be ordered and funded locally.

Find out about ordering toothbrushes, racks and other dental products.

You can also access translation information and interpretation support for Childsmile resources.

Consent forms

Fluoride varnishing

For obtaining parent/carer consent to allow their child to take part in fluoride varnishing in school or nursery.

Consent form graphic

Update information

For parents and carers to complete twice a year to capture their child's most up-to-date medical history.


Fluoride varnish aftercare

Fluoride Varnish Aftercare Instructions

A guide to give to parents and carers after their child has received fluoride varnishing in nursery or school.

Fluoride varnish for children leaflet

Fluoride Varnish for Children

For parents and carers providing up-to-date, accurate and reassuring information on fluoride varnishing in nurseries, schools and Childsmile dental practices.

childsmile practice leaflet

Childsmile Practice

For parents and carers, this leaflet aims to provide an introduction to Childsmile Practice, the wider Childsmile team and their roles.

drinks for babies and young children leaflet

Drinks for babies and young children

For parents and carers about tooth-friendly drinks.

Snack ideas

Snack Ideas For Children

Ideas to help you provide a variety of healthy safe snacks for both you and your children to enjoy at home and at school or play.


Food and drink diary

Help children keep track of what they eat and drink with the Childsmile food and drink diary.


Toothbrushing diary

Help children keep track of toothbrushing with the toothbrushing diary.

Childsmile - First Teeth

First teeth, healthy teeth

A practical guide aimed at health visitors and other professionals. It provides information about oral health to parents and carers of babies and children up to the age of five years.

To order a copy email: nhs.healthscotland-publications@nhs.net or call 0131 535 5500.


Childsmile poster Childsmile is here

Nursery and school

Childsmile Practice

A bold and eye-catching poster providing information on Childsmile Nursery and School (A3 only).

childsmile poster its never too early

Providing information on Childsmile Practice (A3 only).

childsmile stickers


Mini stickers for all Childsmile staff to give to children receiving a fluoride varnish application or as part of the toothbrushing programme.

While you were out (calling cards)

A card for Dental Health Support Workers (DHSWs) to put through the door when the parent or carer is not in when they visit.