Childsmile Training Provided by NES

Childsmile training is delivered by NHS Education Scotland (NES). Dental Nurses and Dental Health Support Workers (DHSWs) are required to undertake the NES Childsmile training course.

Full details of when courses are available, course content, how to apply and pre-course requirements can be found on the NES website (external link).

Please note, applications to the course must come from the participants themselves.

The NES Childsmile training course covers:

  • dental public health
  • caries and fluoride
  • oral soft and hard tissue
  • application of fluoride
  • health/safety and infection control
  • benefits of breastfeeding/weaning and early nutrition
  • child protection
  • working with children in the clinical/community setting
  • health behaviour change and effective communication
  • the social and medical model of health
  • inequalities/equitable services in health and a community development approach
  • action planning a Childsmile oral health promotion session
  • a mini OSCE testing knowledge and skills on standard and enhanced caries prevention specific to age.

NES should be advised by Coordinators in advance of any large recruitment drives planned and should be informed of potential numbers for the next available training course.

To book on to the course, log onto the dental portal (external link).

Applications to the course must come from the participant DHSW or dental nurse. However, when booking, potential applicants must contact their local Childsmile Coordinator in order to agree mentoring arrangements and receive pre-course reading material in advance of attendance.

Developing a level of knowledge about Childsmile before attending training is desirable and advisable.

Training Payments to General Dental Practices

  • On completion of training the Dental Nurse will receive an email stating the Childsmile Training Claim Form is available to be completed. The next time DN logs into Portal the "ibooklet" menu will have an additional option which will allow DN to complete the ‘Childsmile Training Claim Form’ asking them to verify training attendance and give contact details of the Dental Practice.
  • Once the from has been completed and returned to NES, this information will be forwarded to Practitioner Services and the Practice will receive £540.00 remuneration in monthly Schedule for releasing the Dental Nurses onto training.

View Childsmile Coordinator contact details.

It is advantageous for participants to have an opportunity to undertake workplace shadowing before attending the training.

CPD Courses Provided by NES for Childsmile Staff

NES also offers CPD courses to Childsmile trained staff. These courses are open to EDDNs and DHSWs. These opportunities include:

  • Antenatal and Maternal Oral Health
  • Brief Intervention training
  • Community Development
  • Nutrition training (accredited by REHIS)
  • Oral health update sessions
  • Study skills

For more information visit the NES website pages.