CPD Provided by Childsmile Staff

After successful completion of the NHS Education for Scotland (NES) training course, the EDDNs require further mentoring for DOPs at their workplace.

Mentoring of EDDNs must be carried out by dentists, therapists or hygienists who are named individuals who support Childsmile nurses in the workplace:

  • Dental Nurses are required to observe the application of fluoride varnish on at least five different patients
  • Dental Nurses can observe an EDDN, a hygienist, therapist or dentist
  • after observing the initial five cases Nurses should discuss their learning with their colleague and write a reflective learning statement
  • thereafter they are required to carry out a minimum of 10 fluoride varnish applications under the supervision of the mentor (the mentor should be a dentist, hygienist or therapist) followed by a minimum of one direct observation of practice
  • the cases carried out under the supervision of the mentor should be documented in the reflective journal
  • the mentor assesses the EDDN’s competence in applying fluoride varnish, using the DOP form.

Mentors require information on the NES training nurses have undergone, the Childsmile programme and their roles and responsibilities.

This is required to be carried out by Childsmile Coordinators. It may be possible to carry out this training with mentors in group sessions or it may be more appropriate to meet on a one-to-one basis.

Verifiable Mentoring CPD and the DOPs Training Toolkit

This suite of resources is for Coordinators to carry out the required DOPs training with mentors of EDDNs. Mentors will need approximately two hours of training for which verifiable CPD is offered.

The mentor requires information on the NES training that the nurses have undertaken, information on the programme and an understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

This can be delivered in one visit or over two visits. It may be advantageous to have the mentors and EDDNs together for at least part of the training time, so that each knows and understands the others’ role.

CPD has been agreed nationally for these training sessions. You can access the application form verified by NES and templates for submitting register of attendance and a CPD certificate. Also available is a template for evaluating the session. Independent dentists can apply for expenses for these sessions using a GP214 form - the first three sections of which should be completed by the Childsmile Coordinator before issuing to them.

Mentoring for DOPs
A presentation on mentoring DOPs for new and prospective mentors.

Supporting NHS NES resources

Seven-competency training framework
This document outlines the seven-competency framework for DOPs training.

Reflective diary
Instructions and examples of reflective diaries for mentors and trainees taking part in DOPs training.


These protocols give details of the correct procedures and guidance:

Verifiable Lunchtime CPD for the Dental Team

An verifiable lunchtime CPD course has been developed from a successful predecessor piloted in NHS Ayrshire & Arran. It attracts 0.5 CPDA and aims to cover the main points relevant to Childsmile Practices. These include the SDR, SDCEP Prevention and Management of Caries in Children, the Childsmile programme and PSD payments. The course can be tailored to the needs of any given practice using the tools already available to Childsmile Coordinators.

  • An email should be sent to Childsmile@nes.scot.nhs.uk from anyone listed as a signatory at least a week prior to an event indicating the address(s) and date(s) of delivery of this course.
  • An email with the GP214 for dentists to claim the CPDA will be returned to the person delivering the course. NES will then forward the information on to Practitioner Services with a copy of the signatory (from the lists we have already received) indicating the date of the course being delivered.

The following three CPD forms support this accredited lunchtime CPD course:

  • Childsmile Programme CPD update application form
  • Certificate and registration templates
  • Feedback and evaluation form

In addition, the Childsmile Practice Toolkit supports the delivery of the CPD sessions.

Develop your own verifiable CPD session

Childsmile staff may be required to carry out CPD training. This may be part of a bigger event with other staff or professionals and in these cases local verifying guidelines should be followed.

If an event is solely carried out by Childsmile staff it can be verified by NHS Education for Scotland (NES).

To do this it is necessary to submit the following to Melodye Rennie at NHS Education (Tel: 0141 352 2859, email: Melodye.Rennie@nes.scot.nhs.uk):

  • a completed application form
  • aims, objectives and learning outcomes
  • documented evaluation of the session
  • a register of attendance
  • evidence of certification of attendance for participants.

These must be supplied even if you are not applying for verifiable CPD and it is advisable to follow this same procedure and keep a record.