Getting It Right For Every Child

Sometimes children and their families are going to need additional help and support. No matter the circumstances, children and their families should always be supported to find the help they need and know how to access it.

GIRFEC ensures that anyone providing that support puts the child and their family at the centre of consideration.

Practitioners need to work together to support families and, where appropriate, take early action rather than only getting involved when circumstances reach crisis point.

More information and resources on GIRFEC can be found here.

The Named Person

Every child between birth and 18 years of age has a named person. Depending on the age of the child the health visitor or head teacher will usually take the role of the named person.

The named person can work with families and other practitioners to address needs. It is important that practitioners working with children know of this arrangement and contact the named person should they have a concern over a child.

See here for further information on the role of the named person.

As a practitioner involved in dental treatment you have a responsibility to act if you have concerns regarding the wellbeing of a child.

All staff must be familiar with, and follow, their local policies and procedures. In nurseries and schools any concerns should be shared with the senior school staff (e.g. head teacher) in the first instance. Thereafter, concerns should be shared with the named person for the child if not already done so. At all times follow local policies and procedures.

In dental practice the child protection policy should be followed for your practice. The Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme documents, including the practice manual (external link) include potential indicators of dental neglect, advice on making careful judgements, and information and support on the importance of contacting the child’s named health visitor and/or doctor to share concerns

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